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The future in store
Centralized data and energy
Façade of convenience
Rewind to the world we are creating
A harmonious society built on human experience
A world where individual comfort and global
sustainability go hand in hand
We have to take action for the future
Change the way we store data
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Change the way we use data
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we will make a new future

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Revolutionizing long-life, high temperature-resistant, high-output battery technology
Enabling a circular battery economy with long-life batteries
Establishing Club5 zero to promote the use of long-life products

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Transforming electrification and energy optimizations across
- Carbon-neutral leasing platform services
-Intelligent battery-enabled energy efficiency potentials

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Deploying high revenue-generating sorghum seed and cultivation technology
Utilizing high-efficiency gasification technology
Developing reformed methanol fuel cell technology

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Connecting everything with the DI Engine, a data processing technology that
- Is distinct from existing computers
- Does not require the cloud or Internet
- Does not calculate like a database

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